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Help out a Woods teacher!

Posted in Fundraising, and Woods faculty

One of our teachers has a chance to win $2500 for Woods. Read below for more details, and help every day if you can. Thanks!



A couple of my past students and their mom sent a letter of thanks to me through Farmers Insurance’s, “Thank America’s Teachers”. As a result, I was eligible to submit a grant proposal for our classroom. Though the notice was very short (less than two weeks), I opted to do so. The request is for 12 Chromebooks. This would be a great benefit to our classroom and the elementary division.

The voting period began on October 1 and will continue throughout October. You can vote everyday during that period. Initial selections will be based on the number of votes.

I’m writing to ask that you visit the website, and vote for my proposal. It’s under the category, $2500 proposals, B. West, Woods Charter. Something went awry with the transcribing and it has question marks in the midst, which is a disappointment, but the folks at Farmers assure me that this does not affect the submission.

Please feel free to pass the request on to your family and friends.

Thanks for your help!
Mrs. West”