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Monthly Gas & Grocery Cards

The single biggest fundraiser for the Woods PTSA is the Monthly Gas & Grocery Card program. For the past two years, we have raised $25,000 from this program alone. When you buy the gift cards from Woods, you get the full face value to spend on gas or groceries (or other gift cards, more on that later). The school earns a percentage of your purchase, from 4% up to 15%!

Here’s how it works:

  1. You decide which cards you want and place your order.
  2. On the first Wednesday of the month, the cards are delivered (either in the Office or by your Student)
  3. Send in your payment each month (online bill pay is great for this, since you can schedule out the whole year)!

Here are the cards we have available:

  1. Whole Foods – earns a whopping 15%!
  2. Lowes Foods – earns 10% – and here’s where you can buy other Gift Cards, they have a large selection in store.
  3. BP Gas cards – earns 10%
  4. Shell Gas cards – earns 10%
  5. Food Lion – earns 5%
  6. Exxon Gas cards – earns 4%

Here’s a real world example of how much this really helps.

Let’s say that a family budgets their groceries at $300 a month. They spend most of that at Whole Foods, so they buy a $200 card (that’s $30 for the school!), then they spend a smaller amount at Lowes, so they buy a $100 card there (that’s another $10!). They also spend about the same in gas, so they buy $300 in BP and Shell cards (another $30!). That one family spent $600 on cards, and got $600 worth of gas and groceries, but they also gave $70 to the school, without spending anything extra. Now, times that by 10 months, that’s $700 a year! Yes, this is a very generous example, and not everyone needs that many groceries every month, but even a single $50 card will help ($2.00 to $7.50 each month).

It’s easy to get started, just send an email to or head over to the Woods Charter PTSA & Lunch site.